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You want to express yourself, and you have very good knowledge in funny photo, funny video, , Computer , software , life hacks, , etc.

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Reactions like facebook in your blog free no code no addons

Advertise on your blog: What is AdSense and why AdSense?

Advertise on your blog:
Today i will tell you the basics about google adsense:

How to setup Google Analytics for your blog

Google Analytics is a free web analysis and hit-counter service provided by Google. We recommend it if you don’t already have any analysis functionality set up. You can set up an account by going to and setting up a free account.

custom CSS search Box in blogger

Open a NEW Javascript box and put the following code:

How to move the Standar Google Page Tab memu to ASOME !!! top static menu toolbar replacing blogger Navbar ( one line code )

The Theme on this blog is a pute simple google bloger template and trandormed with some greek CSS code - We are Original greeks ( From Greece )

The google standar tab menu named PageList1 so you can give absolute position to top of your blog